Good nutrition¬†is an important aspect of leading a healthy living. Diet is an integral part of a patient’s treatment.

Meera Hospitals aims to deliver good dietary services, encourage nutritional practice, and help patients prevent further complications.

The dietary department at Meera includes:

Food Service

Meera Hospital takes pride in serving there patients, staff and visitors the highest-quality food from our dietary department. We provides nutritious, attractive, and palatable food while maintaining high standards of sanitation, production, and service to all customers.

In patients care

Our Registred Dietician visit patients one-on-one before meals to ensure that the patients food tolerances, preferences, Mediacal conditions and alters the diet with nutritional counseling to treat the dietary problems of all patients are met on a daily basis.

Critical Care

Dietician delivers the various therapeutics diets to critically ill patients,
Gyenocolgy , Pediatrics, Enteral Feeding , Pre- Post operative patients care has been taken very well by the Department to meet the nutritional needs.

Dietetic Internship

Competent students are enrolled in our Hospital to complete dietetic internship it covers the clinical aspect, nutritional counseling, ward rounds, foodservice which gives the good exposure to students and full fill there internships demands.


Huge, windy cafeteria serves all types of food to the visitors and staff of the Hospital.

Community Awareness

Our Dietician and dietetic interns participate in the Health programs and other community activities organized by the Hospital. Diverse nutrition-related campaigns, Dialysis Diet camp, Weight management camps, Breast Feeding Week, Nutrition Week has been celebrated in order to increase the nutrition awareness in the community.