Meera hospital managed by Sparsh Healing and Care (India) Pvt. Ltd., was established in “2009” under the banner of the “Ailsinghani group” that runs the hospital providing a healing touch at an affordable price.

Ajit SinghOur inspiration for this project was sparked off by “DADA” – Mr. Ajit Singh Ailsinghani who with his philanthropic traits, originated the concept of “MEERA HOSPITAL” – a comprehensive health care, multispecialty hospital by the people of Kalyan for the people of Kalyan. It becomes a herculean task for both, the patient and the patient’s relatives, to take a patient diagnosed with “End Stage Renal Disease” to and fro to Mumbai for Dialysis. Every life deserves a certain amount of “Dignity” – no matter how poor or damaged the state of body that carries it.

Taking up their cause Dr. Gautam Ganvir and Dr. Dipika Ganvir along with their team of earnest, sincere, ethical and dedicated doctors gave life to their dreams and brought them to reality – thus was born “MEERA HOSPITAL” – a structurally and functionally viable multispecialty hospital.

With urbanization attacking the non-metro town of Kalyan with a vengeance, we are experiencing a change in the lifestyle, mind –set, aspiration and attitude of the people of the township. 

Though we are proud citizens to be at the forefront of this evolution, HEALTHCARE is one of the most neglected sectors in the Thane District. It is the need of the hour and one of the biggest challenges facing us. In this era of globalization and booming technology, we cannot afford to lag, behind in healthcare, as we place a high value on each and every human life. 

When faced with a medical emergency, patients from Kalyan have to run helter-skelter in need of proper medical service and at times have to be referred to hospitals at Mumbai and many patients succumb to their fate due to delay in timely treatment or under pressure of financial constraints.

Filled with a quest to fill the lacuna in healthcare, where patients of Kalyan can arrive when faced with a medical crises, feeling secure that they can avail primary, secondary and even up to some tertiary facilities, under one roof and at an affordable price is what got us to realize the need for such hospital at Kalyan and Ulhasnagar.