Normal kidneys perform the function of removing waste products from the blood and regulating fluid levels. When Kidneys are dysfunctional of the patients suffers from end stage renal disease dialysis becomes necessary to

  • Remove waste products from the body
  • Remove excess fluid
  • Maintain electrolyte balance

There are numerous causes of Kidney failure and treatment of underlying diseases like diabetes and hypertension also need correction.

Nephrology facilities

  • 22 bedded Dialysis Centre
  • Large Reverse-Osmosis plant
  • Recovery room to stabilize patients prior to discharge
  • Backup of ICCU with ventilator
  • Minor OT
  • Dressing room
  • Consulting rooms
  • Computerized pathology lab
  • X-ray room
  • Visitors lounge
  • Ups and generator backup
  • Trolley lift for disabled patients
  • The nephrology team consists of nephrologist, urologist surgeon, physicians, dialysis technicians, psychiatrist, dietician, physiotherapist, skilled Educationals, nursing staff, housekeeping staff, administrative staff