Children health can be described in physiologic, mental, psychological and in social terms, which factors pediatrics should always integrate into its practices. As a child’s well-being is a complex question, pediatrics has to function in unison with nutritionists, psychologists, sociologists, geneticists, social workers and educators not only to cure but also to prevent child and adolescent diseases. The pediatric department at Meera Hospitals aims to heal children from birth till the age of 18 who have injuries, infections, genetic or organ diseases.


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Smile Train organization started at Meera NX Hospital, Ulhasnagar. It deals with free cleft lip & palate surgeries. It provides Orthodontic Treatment, Speech Therapy, and Psychological Testing under one roof.

Project Director, Dr. Bharati Khandekar, +91-9821412610

(Consultant plastic and cosmetic surgeon).